Arvi Farm School

A World of Inclusion and Empowerment:
At Arvi Farm School, we envision a world where marginalized individuals and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities can build a life of their own, treated with respect and dignity. We're proud to be in collaboration with United Way of Chennai to make this dream a reality through our innovative farm-based training program.

Cultivating Self-Sufficiency:
Nestled on 9.90 acres of land in Thennampatty Village, Arvi Farm School isn't just a training ground; it's a thriving, eco-friendly community. Here, our students live, learn, and work the land, fostering self-reliance and connection with nature. Our model farm welcomes everyone seeking a peaceful, stress-free life close to the earth.

Open to All, Priority for Those in Need:
While our primary focus is on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Arvi Farm School embraces diversity. We believe everyone can learn from and support one another on this shared journey.

Joining the Community:
To become part of our community, we prioritize individuals in need of care and attention. We welcome applicants aged 16 and above, and the final decision rests with the ARVI Trust board.

Admission Process:
• Medical documents
• Disability certificate
• Proof of identity (ration card, Aadhaar card)
Voluntary contribution to the Farm School (encouraged, not mandatory)

A Safe Space to Explore:
New members undergo a 15-day observation period to get acquainted with the environment and other community members. This allows them to decide if Arvi Farm School is the right fit for them.

Building Skills for Life:
Our primary training program, spanning three years, focuses on developing farm-related skills. However, we cater to individual interests and may offer additional training in daily living activities. Training duration can be adjusted based on individual needs.

Beyond Training, a Future Filled with Options:
After completing the program, individuals can choose to work outside with our assistance or become permanent members of the community, contributing to farm operations and enjoying all the necessary facilities. The decision for permanent residency rests with the ARVI management.

Programs Fostering Growth:
Orientation program for PwIDDs (persons with intellectual disabilities)
Farm training for PwIDDs parents
Stakeholder training programs
Six-month training program for PwDs

Supporting Our Vision:
To continue enhancing our services and empowering more individuals, we seek your support in acquiring:

Mini Power Tiller: To improve efficiency, comfort, and speed for our farmers, increasing their acreage and food production.

Solar Energy System: With a 6 KW capacity, this system would minimize reliance on grid electricity and promote sustainable energy use.

Bio-Gas Plant: Utilizing cow dung from our dairy farm, this plant would provide gas for cooking needs and fertilizer for the farm, minimizing waste.

Join us in cultivating a world where everyone can thrive! Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how you can contribute.