• What are the services & facilities provided by ARVI?

    ARVI provides educational services, care and welfare services and promotes the rights of those with intellectual disabilities, hearing impaired, autism, and visually impaired . We also provide convergence services for the Persons with Disabilities.

  • What is the basic procedure of getting an admission?

    First, we assess the child. Next, we assess their report and identify the actual condition of the child and give admit accordingly.

  • Why with Eklavya Public School?

    • Easy Admission Procedure.
    • E-Learning material.
    • Books (Optional)
    • Academic support.
    • Exam Center within Center Locality.
    • Bridge between Student and Board.
  • What are the vocational courses available for people with intellectual disabilities?

    We provide courses in four different sectors, as per the current needs - data entry training, soap oil making, soap powder making, and Phenol making.

  • How long are these vocational courses?

    They range from 3-12 months.

  • How can you become a hosteller?

    You must be aged 9 and above, and be able to manage your daily chores and activities independently.

  • Is there a possibility of my child getting recruited at some place after the completion of the course?

    Yes. We have a placement unit that provides job opportunities to each student according to their capabilities.

  • Are there facilities for the hearing-impaired here?


  • Are your faculty members enrolled in the RCI?

    Yes. All our faculty members are registered under the RCI.

  • Will you get a concession in the fee if you come from a financially backward family?

    Yes. We believe that everyone has an equal right to education. You will get a concession as per the norms provided you produce your BPL card or income certificate from the government.

  • Does ARVI cater to all the necessities and requirements of a disabled person?

    Yes. We have a skilled team that puts complete emphasis on each and every need of the person.

  • Why do we take fees from you if we are a charitable organisation?

    Though a charitable organisation, we run on limited funds and donations that are not sufficient to provide adequate facilities for the students for their upliftment and well-being.

  • Is our staff qualified as per the RCO legal terms and requirements?


  • What is the Sahyogi Scheme of the National Trust?

    Sahyogi means caregiver. After a training as per the scheme,anyone eligible can assist a disabled person in their domestic activities. Parents of special children are also eligible.

  • Do we give toilet training to a 20-year old person?

    No. She will need a caregiver as she’s past her age of learning these.

  • What is the Association for Rehabilitation of Village & Impairment?

    It is an organization working for the rehabilitation of villages and people with disabilities.

  • Do we give speech, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy?

    Yes. We frequently provide these therapies to the needy in order to equip them to live independently.

  • Is it necessary to have the disability certificate at the time of admission?

    Yes. It is mandatory to have the disability certificate at the admission time.

  • If your ward hasn’t been trained in their daily activities, will we train them on these chores?

    Yes. We will train them provided they are under the required age of being able to learn these.

  • What are the tools we follow for assessing the condition of the person?

    We use BASIC-MR, MDPS, ISSA, Behavioral Management and ADL assessment.

  • Is it possible that your child will be perfectly normal after getting admission here?

    We cannot guarantee it as it’s a condition that’s not curable, and neither is it in our control.Parent’s cooperation is a must-have for progress.

    We educate and train them on different life skills to help them lead an independent life.

  • Do we train them to use computers?

    Yes. Apart from academics, we also involve them in co-curricular activities including computer literacy.

  • Do we provide courses to general students also?

    Yes. We have courses available for students who are dropouts, never enrolled, and we equip them to write exams in the Open School system.

  • Do we have transportation facilities for the students?


  • Will your child, after completing their education here, get a government job?

    These are not in our control, but we try our best to equip them to get fruitful employment opportunities including the govt service.

  • If your child is mentally retarted, and has an attention issue, will they be given admission?


  • How old is ARVI?

    ARVI was formed in 2000.

  • Where do we have our branches? Who is our Chief Functioning Authority?

    We have branches in Natham, Vembarpatti, Theni and Kadamalaigundu.

    Mr A Ramachandran, MSc, MEd (Spl.Edn), MPhil is our Chief Functioning Authority.