Accountability and Transparency

ARVI Trust is committed to high standards of accountability and transparency which is an expression of our core value on 'stewardship'. This is because we fervently believe we work effectively for the well-being of children. We continually strive to maintain high national and international standards of professional competence and are accountable through appropriate structures for achieving these standards.

We have our policies, procedures, systems, practices, work culture and audits well in place to reflect our commitment to accountability and transparency.

We endeavour to convey a public image that conforms to reality and speak and act with diligent honesty. With the power of the almighty, we intend to pursue excellence beyond compliance, in all aspects of our work - In governance, management, operations and administration.

Managing Trustee’s Message

I am delighted to present this website, which encapsulates our contribution to the society and the result of our interventions - the empowerment reflected in the people.


While preparing the details, I feel immensely satisfies due to the fact that we are able to run this organization which is dedicated for the service of the disadvantaged sections of the society Association for Rehabilitation of Village and Impairment (ARVI Trust) is a non –profit making and non- political Organisation working in mid-1995, the organization has been working dynamically for the welfare of the weaker section of the society. The organization is backed by team of enthusiastic and dedicated young men and young woman who are engaged in bringing a qualitative change to the rural districts of Tamil Nadu.

ARVI Trust has grown into a huge one in terms of activities if not in term of budget. During past years we have undertaken a number of activities. But still miles to go, with your support and God’s Grace.

I would also like to take this space to acknowledge and appreciate the individuals, organisations, across the nation, who has collaborated with us to ensure that the people we work with are capable of having improved quality of life. I further extend my sincere gratitude to the ministries and departments of the central and state governments for their unstinted support & guidance.

I am truly grateful for your passionate contribution towards making the ARVI Trust a mission that envisions creating self-reliant, educated and empowered communities. I look forward to your continuous support in the eternal of our commitment towards social transformation.

Managing Trustee