Special Education on Wheels: Transforming Lives at Doorsteps
In remote villages of Dindigul District, 54 intellectually disabled students face a daily struggle with their disabilities. But ARVI, in partnership with United Way Chennai, brings hope and opportunity right to their doorsteps with "Special Education on Wheels." This innovative program provides home-based training, empowering these students to thrive in life.

Building Skills for Independence: We equip students with crucial Daily Living Skills, from hygiene and cooking to navigating their environment. They gain mobility skills, unlock basic communication, and learn to express themselves. We empower families through awareness programs, giving them the knowledge and tools to support their loved ones at home.

Beyond Academics, Holistic Care: "Special Education on Wheels" fosters more than just academic learning. We offer physiotherapy and other therapeutic services to address physical needs and promote well-being. Our special education services cater to individual learning styles and abilities, ensuring meaningful and engaging experiences. We bridge the gap by preparing students for successful integration into mainstream society after completing the program.

Join us in Making a Difference: This life-changing program needs your support. By partnering with ARVI, you can help us reach more students and provide them with the skills and confidence to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Visit our website or contact us today to become a part of this transformative journey. Let's unlock their full potential together!

Awareness programs for the SC/ST Persons with Disabilities in Dindigul and Theni
For many SC/ST persons with disabilities in Dindigul and Theni, navigating the complexities of their situation can feel daunting. But ARVI Trust, in collaboration with NIEPMD Chennai, is lighting the path to empowerment through its impactful training programs.

These immersive workshops, held at both block and district levels, are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive. From demystifying flagship programs and relevant legal frameworks to charting a course for social, educational, and economic empowerment, our dedicated trainers leave no stone unturned.

The impact is undeniable. Participants actively engage in discussions, their eyes alight with newfound understanding of their rights and possibilities. One participant echoed the sentiment of many, remarking, "This training has opened my eyes to the future I can build for myself and my family."

ARVI's commitment goes beyond delivering knowledge. We create a safe space for open dialogue and peer support, fostering a sense of community and resilience. These transformative programs are paving the way for a more inclusive future where SC/ST persons with disabilities can access the resources and opportunities they deserve.

Join us in breaking down barriers and empowering individuals to lead lives of dignity and independence. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about how you can support this vital initiative.

Niramaya Insurance
Peace of mind shouldn't be a luxury. That's why ARVI partnered with the National Trust to bring you Niramaya Insurance, a completely free program for eligible differently-abled individuals. This Central Government initiative provides essential medical coverage, including doctor visits, surgeries, and even accident claims.

Joining is simple! Just present your income proof and national ID card, and we'll help you get your very own Niramaya insurance card. Already, 132 individuals have secured their futures with this valuable program. Don't wait - contact ARVI today and unlock the peace of mind you deserve.