In recent days due to Alcoholism, Erosion of family relationship, Increasing individualism, High rate of unemployment, Inability to fulfill high expectations in life and using mobile games day by day the mentally ill persons is increasing in multiple ways

Also, wandering mentally ill has increased and the professional help did not match in proportion to the increasing need, it was in this context that the non-professional social workers stepped into the arena with the support of the community

It was this scenario, ARVI planned to start programmes to rehabilitate the wandering mentally ill in Dindigul, with limited resource but with rich interest.

Respecting the Human Rights of the Mentally Ill

If we bring parson to home then the treatment will be as per the guidance of the Psychiatrist.

Once the "person" is met by the team, the team members will try to gain his / her confidence and persuade him / her to join them.

Various Therapies at home:
Different kinds of therapies are used to bring the "sick" back to mental health namely:

Our Aim:

  • To make him/her that he/she is not a liability but an asset

  • To make him/her aware of his/her self-worth

***The expense per inmate per month for care, medicine, shelter, food etc will come around Rupees 2000 per patient.***