1. What kind of services & facilities provided by ARVI?

ARVI provides facilities of Educational services, Care and Welfare Services and Promoting the Rights of Those with Intellectual Disabilities and Hearing Impaired. Also, providing convergence services for the Persons with Disabilities.

  1. What is the basic procedure of Getting Admission?

First of all, we do the Assessment of the Special Child, after assessing his/her report we decide what the Actual condition of the Child is & accordingly we give admission.

  1. What all Vocational courses are available for persons with Intellectual Disabilities?

We provide Courses in four different sectors, as per the present needs, at present we are providing the data entry training, Soap Oil, Soap Powder, and Phinoil.

  1. What is the Time duration of these Vocational Courses?

These Vocational Courses are basically from 3 months to One year duration.

  1. What is the Eligibility criterion of becoming a Hosteller?

Candidate must be above 9yrs & Independent enough in Daily living activities.

  1. Is it possible here that my Child will be recruited somewhere after completing the course from here?

Sure, as we has a Placement Unit which provides Job Opportunities to each Student According to their capabilities.

  1. Can Hearing Impaired Persons also get Educational facilities here?


  1. Is you’re all Faculty members are enrolled under RCI?

Yes, our all faculty members are registered under RCI.

  1. I belong to very poor family & if I want admission can I get some concession in fee?

Of Course, as every person has an equal right to be educated, & if you have BPL Cards/ Income certificate from Govt. dept. then only we give you concession according to the norms.

  1. Does your N.G.O fulfill all Necessities & requirements of disabled persons?

Yes as a specialized team put proper emphasis on each & very needs & desires of our special needy persons through different means.

  1. As your organization is a charitable society then why you charge fees from parents?

This is true that our organization is a charitable society which runs on limited charity funds & donations which are not sufficient enough to provide good & adequate facilities to the persons & this money is utilized for their upliftment & well-being.

  1. Do you have qualified staff with RCI Registration and Legal registrations?

Yes. We are having qualified staffs with RCI Registration and Legal registrations.

  1. I came to know about “Sahyogi scheme” of National Trust? What does this scheme is all about?

Basically “Sahyogi” in this context means “Care giver” In this after taking training in this scheme. Any person is eligible to help & assist a disabled person in his/her Domestic activities. Parents of Special children also eligible without basic qualification.

  1. My, daughter is 20 years old so can you give him toileting training?

No, it’s not possible now as she has passed her age of learning these Daily living activities & she needs a caregiver

  1. Give a brief description of “Association for Rehabilitation of Village & Impairment”?

It is an organization working for the Rehabilitation of Village and Persons with Disabilities.

  1. Do you give Speech, Physiotherapy, and Occupational therapy to the special needy persons?

Yes, we frequently provide these therapies to the persons for the education of Independent living.

  1. Is it necessary to have the disability certificate at the time of admission?

Yes, it is mandatory that you should be having the disability certificate of the concerned person at the admission time.

  1. My ward hasn’t trained in Daily living activities? Will you provide him/her with these skills?

Yes, we provide these skills to the concerned persons but he/she should be under the age of learning these daily living activities.

  1. What all Assessment tools do you follow for assessing the condition of the person?

We do the assessment through different methods. These are BASIC-MR, MDPS, ISSA, Behavioral Management and ADL assessment.

  1. Is it possible that my child will be perfectly normal after getting admission here?

We’ll not give assurance. Parents cooperation is must for improvement. As it is a condition which is not curable & it is not in our hands. We can just give them education & train them about different quality of life skills so that they can lead an independent & fruitful life.

  1. Do you educate them about computers also?

Yes, along with academics we involve those in different co-curricular activities also like: - in competitions, computers,

  1. Do you provide courses to general students also?

Yes, we have different courses which are available for general students like dropouts, never enrolled, and Sending them to write exams in Open School system.

  1. Do you have transportation facilities for the students?

Yes, we provide transportation facilities to our all students.

  1. Is it possible here that after getting education here he/she will get Govt. job?

We can’t say anything as it is not in our hands but we’ll try our level best so that they can get fruitful employment opportunities in Govt sector also.

  1. If my child is M.R & having an attention behavior problem then will he/she is able to get admission

Yes, we’ll give admission.

  1. How many years old your organization is?

This organization is running since 2000.

  1. In what places its branches at present? And who is Chief functioning authority?

At present our branches at Natham, Vembarpatty, Theni and Kadamalaigundu.

Mr. A.Ramachandran, MSc, Med (Spl.Edn), MPhil is the Chief functioning authority.