Youth Skill Training

The development of the Youth in the villages focus on giving young people the chance to build relationships, learn skills, exercise leadership, and thus help their communities. Youth are the valuable and respected asset to the community. Development strategy for youth is not merely focused at enhancing their skills and capacities but it is about involvement of people, institutions and systems that support the development of the youth. In order to implement this, ARVI’S Livelihood Learning Programs includes well-structured setting with safety of the youth, consistent guidelines, clear boundaries, continuity and age appropriate. The setting also provides opportunities for youth to learn skills that enable them to be efficient, positive and responsible in their life and be the contributors to the respective village community. At the centers supportive relationships were built up to provide youth a much safer environment for learning.


The aim of the program is holistic development of rural children who were not facilitated with wide range of opportunities for their development. The Holistic development of children includes supplementary nutrition, immunization, health check-up, referral services, Pre-school learning, non-formal education etc. Keeping in mind the aspect of holistic development of the children, ARVI decided to build a network of different systems that are available in a particular village in order to create a sustainable growth and transformation.