ARVI  advocacy initiatives are focussed on creating an environment - societal, legislative and temporal - that facilitates every girl and boy reaching his or her fullest potential. While rights awareness and rights education at the grass roots levels help communities claim what is rightfully theirs, national level advocacy around issues of children, especially those in crisis, are focussed on bringing about equitable implementation of policies as well as influencing policy debates.

ARVI advocates for the children at the highest policy levels of the country. ARVI  has been made a member of various Government working groups and committees at the national and district levels. Some of the key memberships at the national level.


ARVI's 'Child Health Now' is a five year campaign to improve maternal and child health in India. ARVI 21 year’s experience of improving life for children and their families in 9 states and more than 1000 communities means we can speak with authority on the issue of child Disability. Every day our staff witness and work to address the devastating effects of poor health on mothers and their children. We will do all we can to keep mothers and their children alive and healthy.