Memberships :

ARVI members are committed to achieving universal access to safe and Healthy Environment for disable, adequate and equitable and hygiene for all, and ending open defecation – paying special attention to the needs of disable children and those in vulnerable situations.

Learn more about ARVI membership and how to get involved below.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a ARVI member?

the online Members’ Community, where you can search and connect  with others at local, national  levels
The visibility of your work by sharing stories with a large group of like-minded individuals and sector professionals
Knowledge, ideas and best practices in Disable and hygiene programming that will help and inspire others
Information that is relevant to you including sector highlights, the latest publications and more through our quarterly Newsletter delivered directly to your inbox
Information that is relevant to you including sector highlights, the latest publications and more through our quarterly Newsletter delivered directly to your inbox
Yourself by nominating and standing for election in our Steering Committee and collaborating with National Coordinators and other members


The volunteer programme with ARVI is thronged as a dedicated service of minimum one month to maximum six months. We believe that to work for social change you need to contribute a substantial amount of time to understand the needs and cater in the best possible way with your unique skill set. If you want to volunteer for events and campaigns, the time is minimum one day and maximum a week.

The volunteer opportunities arise across our projects and programmes spread across 9 states of India in the field of Health, Education, Livelihoods and during Disaster response, and also at the time of any emergency and during our events and campaigns.

For voluntary work, please note the following points:

  • Your CV should reach us at with the subject line volunteer and your area of interest like education, health, livelihood, disaster rooster or events & campaigns.
  • Your skill set should match the desired area of interest of application.
  • While applying, please specify clearly the time you would like to dedicate, your area of interest or any other information that you would like to share.
  • For emergency roster enrollment, a letter of no objection supported with your family’s signature should be sent to us,
  • For any voluntary support, ARVI India covers expenses and as per the grade of work awards appropriate remuneration.

We actively seek volunteers, who would be able to help us in our project work, organise events, help raise funds, support in campaigns and participate during the emergency relief work.

Volunteers who are willing to undertake independent assignments can work to their satisfaction in a provisional environment.

  • Voluntary services: - involves contribution in various activities undertaken by ARVI, as follows Physiotherapy, School, Canteen, Vocational Training centre, Speech therapy, yoga, ADL Activities, formation of support club etc
  • Administration/ office work - involves checking addresses, preparing standard correspondences
  • Preparation of Special Software for staff management, accounting and progress of beneficiaries/student.
  • Management study & analysis - reviewing Mission statement, vision achievement, where we stand now
Volunteering Online Form

Internship Program:

ARVI India provides internship opportunities to fresh graduates and post-graduates who wish to pursue a ARVIer in the field of development. The goal of the internship program is to groom the interns to take up leadership positions in the development space in future while improving the gender balance in ARVI. 


  • To provide female graduates and post-graduates the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts to real life situations
  • To develop professional skills of interns in areas of their interest
  • To develop a pool of well-trained women who can successfully compete in the future for various positions in development organisations

The internship program has a clear focus on female graduates and post-graduates.

Benefits for the Intern

Internship provides individuals the chance to:

Explore different ARVIer options in the development sector

Master valuable work-related skills

Develop professional relationships

Obtain work experience

Build a resume within a chosen field


Potential women university graduates are eligible for the internship program. Candidates should have interest and commitment to work in the development field. Ethnic and religious diversity is also considered during the selection process.

Selection Process

Applications are invited for internship program through advertisement. Selection process is competitive, which includes psychometric test, presentation and panel interview.


6 months

Program Detail

  1. After the Foundation Workshop, the interns are placed in different projects and programs to gain hands-on experience of development activities in ARVI India with the support of their respective coach. Hub HR managers will be their mentors and will be guiding them over the internship period.
  2. An intern is placed in a project/program/department under a coach for 6 months and receives necessary coaching and guidance from her coach.
  3. Based on the action plan, the coach mutually designs specific timeframe for each assignment. The coach also ensures all sorts of support and facilities required for an intern.
  4. An Intern is assessed in all aspects of her work mentioned in her SOW/TOR by her coach according to the action-plan. She receives interim feedback by her coach. The final assessment is completed at the end of the program.

Power to Empower:

The Power to Empower ARVI stands on four pillars of leadership development. The Learn Inform Organize and Engage